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A chipped tooth puts you at risk of developing decay or an infection. In most cases, a chipped or broken tooth should be treated as a dental emergency. If you have fractured, chipped or broken a tooth, you should make an urgent appointment with an emergency dentist. In this article, we will explain what to do if you chip your tooth, and some of the treatment options your dentist may apply. However, if you think you could be having a dental emergency, please contact us right away: (07) 3185 2387.


What To Do If You Chip Your Tooth

After you have called an emergency dentist, focus your attention on keeping your mouth clean and managing any pain. 

  • A chipped tooth can cause pain, so consider over-the-counter pain medication to stay comfortable
  • Use a cold compress on the outside of your face to manage the swelling
  • Rinse your mouth gently with warm salt water to avoid bacteria getting access to the inside of your tooth
  • If you are bleeding from your mouth, apply pressure to the area. If you cannot stop the bleeding, or if the bleeding gets worse, consider it a dental emergency and head to your closest clinic or emergency room
  • If a sizeable piece of the tooth has been chipped off, try to find it and take it to your dental appointment


What Not To Do If You Chip Your Tooth

  • what to do if you chip your teeth coopers plainsA chipped tooth will not get better, so don’t ignore it. Your dentist is the only person who can fix it, so make sure you get to an appointment as soon as possible
  • Avoid sugary drinks and foods
  • Avoid hot and cold beverages as this may worsen pain and discomfort


Fixing A Chipped Tooth

The type of treatment your dentist applies for your chipped tooth will depend on the extent of damage that has been done


Minor chips may be treated by polishing them out

If the chip is more extensive but still relatively small, your dentist may do dental bonding. A composite material will be moulded over the damaged area. Bonding can last up to 10 years.


Dental veneers

If you have more extensive damage on one of your front teeth, your dentist may suggest dental veneers. These are cosmetic covers that are placed over the front of the tooth. They cover up imperfections.


Root canal treatment

If the chipped tooth is badly damaged and there is a risk to your dental pulp, if the chip runs very deep, or if you have already developed an infection, your dentist may recommend a root canal. First, the infected material will be removed from the inside, and the canals will be cleaned and filled up to prevent reinfection. A dental crown will be placed over the tooth to protect it against future damage.



A chipped tooth needs to be evaluated by an emergency dentist as soon as possible to prevent complications. Neglecting it can lead to decay, infection or serious complications for your health.


If you still have questions about what to do if you chip your tooth, please contact us about your dental emergency: (07) 3185 2387.




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