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tooth fillings coopers plains

Tooth Fillings in Coopers Plains – Exquisite Dental Restorations

No-one relishes the thought of having a tooth filled for fear it may spoil their smile. Fortunately, we use composite (white) tooth fillings, which are made from tooth-coloured resin compounds that restore the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth so patients can rest assured that their smile will be restored seamlessly.

Our white mercury-free fillings are chosen for their aesthetics, strength, and versatility, and because they’re coloured to match your natural teeth, no-one will ever know. If you require a tooth filling then book an appointment with Sure Smile Dental today.

dental fillings coopers plains tooth fillings coopers plains

Dental Fillings in Coopers Plains – Versatile and Durable

At our Coopers Plain dental surgery, white fillings are used to repair cavities in teeth caused by decay, to support a weakened tooth, and even to replace a worn amalgam filling.

We also use the same composite material to close gaps in teeth and to repair cracked or chipped teeth. Moreover, because they blend subtly into your smile, white dental fillings are extremely hard to spot.

Improvements in dental materials and advances in technology, also mean that white tooth fillings in Coopers Plains are stronger than ever before and can be used on molars without the fear of them cracking.

Tooth Fillings in Coopers Plains 4108 – What’s the Procedure?

Tooth fillings are carried out with a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort. Before beginning any dental treatment, our Brisbane dentist will isolate the tooth to prevent the filling from coming into contact with moisture.

The next step is to carefully remove any decay or worn amalgam, before shaping the cavity and cleaning it. An etching gel is then applied to help the composite attach.

Layers of composite material are placed into the cavity with a high-density light used to harden each layer. Once the cavity is full, it is trimmed and shaped.

Finally, all that remains is to buff and polish the tooth filling for a natural-looking appearance.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the procedure for white tooth fillings take?
There are several factors that dictate how long it takes to get a white tooth filling. These include the size of the cavity, its location in the mouth, and how many fillings you require. Generally speaking, a tooth filling at our Coopers Plains dental clinic takes somewhere between 20-40 minutes.
How long can I expect white tooth fillings in Coopers Plains to last?
With proper care, patients can expect white tooth fillings to last for up to 10 years. By proper care, we mean regular dental-check ups and cleaning and good oral care at home.

You should also know that similar to your natural teeth, white fillings can discolour over time due to smoking and exposure to coffee and tea as well as foods that stain.

How soon can I eat after getting a composite filling?

Unlike amalgam fillings, you can eat right after the procedure. That said, Qld dentists usually recommend waiting for the effects of the anaesthetic to wear off because it can be quite tricky when your lips and mouth are numb. Moreover, it’s possible that you could accidentally bite the inside of your cheek or tongue.

For high-quality caring family dental care, book an appointment with Sure Smile Dental, your dentist in Coopers Plains today.

For high-quality caring family dental care, book an appointment with Sure Smile Dental,
your dentist in Coopers Plains today.