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If a toothache is keeping you up at night, it’s a sign that something is affecting your gums or teeth. Using toothache relief should only be adopted as a temporary measure or until you can get an appointment at your emergency dentist. Most remedies will only work for a short interval or until the root of your pain has been found and addressed. If you think you are having a dental emergency, please contact your dentist immediately or visit your local clinic for urgent care. In this post, we are going to explore how to get rid of toothache and what you can do to get by while you wait for your appointment.



What Causes Toothache?

Getting effective toothache relief requires you to find out what is causing the pain and treat it. In most cases, a toothache is a symptom and further investigations by your emergency dentist are needed, to establish the right toothache relief. Toothache is usually the result of:

  • Dental decay
  • A lost filling
  • An injury to your mouth or jaw
  • An infected or abscessed tooth
  • The eruption of wisdom teeth
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders
  • Gum disease.

If the pain is unbearable, doesn’t respond to over-the-counter pain relief, if you have a fever, or if you are bleeding profusely from your mouth, you could be having a dental emergency and should seek professional care from an emergency dentist right away.


How To Get Rid Of Toothache?

Toothache often strikes in the dead of night, when it’s not always possible to get to the dentist. Here are some methods you could try for toothache relief:


Over-the-counter pain medication

Pain medication may bring you temporary relief, but it should not be used as a treatment, but rather as an interim way to cope with your dental emergency. If you decide to take aspirin, swallow the tablet and do not apply it directly to your gums.


Cold compresses

If your tooth pain is accompanied by swelling, hold a cold compress to the outside of your face for a few seconds.


dental emergency toothache coopers plainsHold your head up high

Elevating your head higher than the rest of your body may help with relief from toothache as it stops the blood from pooling in your head.

If you have a toothache in the dead of night and can’t get back to sleep, try propping a few pillows under your head.


Rinse gently with salt water

If your pain is caused by tooth decay, you may find some relief in rinsing your mouth gently with a warm saline solution. The saline solution can keep the decayed part of your tooth clean. If there is debris or food trapped in the area, you can also try to floss it gently to clean it out. Continue to brush the area with a soft-bristled toothbrush. An alternative method is to rinse with a 50% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

These tips are intended to give you temporary toothache relief but if you are having a dental emergency, you must seek urgent care. If you think you are having a dental emergency and need to know how to get rid of toothache please contact us right away: (07) 3185 2387.






How to Get Rid of a Toothache at Night

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