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White teeth look healthy and can also make us look younger but even though there are so many home remedies touted to brighten your teeth, only professional teeth whitening treatments can effectively remove stains and discolouration. Today we’re going to explain how to get white teeth, safely.


Why Do Teeth Change Colour?

Your adult teeth need to last for many decades after they erupt, and over the course of your lifetime, you expose them to different substances that can stain. Coffee, red wine and tobacco are responsible for a lot of extrinsic stains on the teeth, and sometimes your dentist can remove external stains when you have a professional cleaning and polish.

Not only that, but your teeth do start to yellow as you age too. The dentin, which is located below your dental enamel, starts off being pure white when you are born but turns yellower as you get older. This is partly why we all associated white teeth with health and youth. But the dentin cannot be accessed with general dentistry tools and requires something that can penetrate dental enamel, without causing damage, in order to bleach the colour of the teeth. This is how to get white teeth.


Why Home Remedies Don’t Work?

Whitening toothpaste, strips and kits are all commercially available from the pharmacy but they are not strong and safe enough to whiten discoloured teeth.

treatment how to get white teeth coopers plainsIn Australia, only dentists are permitted to administer teeth whitening treatments that contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide. When you attend chairside professional teeth whitening, our dentist may be able to use a bleaching solution with more than 30% hydrogen peroxide in order to achieve your whitening results.

Other natural remedies that you might see in circulation include fruit acids, charcoal, lemon juice, baking soda, but these are all corrosive substances that can cause damage to your dental enamel and will not bleach the colour of your teeth. 

Damaged tooth enamel can make your teeth weaker and more susceptible to dental decay, so professional teeth whitening treatments need to protect and remineralise the teeth as they bleach.


How To Get White Teeth Safely?

Using professional administered, proven teeth whitening treatments ensures you achieve your whitening goals and that you do not do any damage to your teeth. When you have chairside whitening your dentist is on hand to manage any complications. Chairside whitening produces the fastest results because of the fact that your dentist can use such high strength bleaching agent.

Should you wish to whiten your own teeth, once you have passed a dental check-up to make sure your teeth are strong, healthy and cavity-free, you may be given customised trays to take home and wear for a few hours a day. You will place a drop of the bleaching solution into each compartment and wear the trays as instructed. While you might not achieve results as quickly, you will still have a safe teeth whitening procedure with results you are happy with.


If you still want to know how to get white teeth with a professional teeth whitening treatment, please contact us for a consultation: (07) 3185 2387.

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