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Of all the tooth replacement options available, a dental implant resembles a natural tooth the closest. Dental implants have been designed to emulate the entire tooth structure, from the roots to the dental crown that is placed last in your procedure. Because of this, they work very effectively to replace a tooth structurally and cosmetically. Let’s inspect ‘how does a dental implant work’.


How Do Dental Implants Work To Replace Missing Teeth?

When you have a dental bridge or dentures, these prostheses replace the tooth aesthetically. That means once you have your denture or dental bridge in place, no one around you will know that you were missing a tooth – because the gap has been filled in by a false tooth. Dentures and dental bridges sit above the gum line.

By contrast, dental implants replace your missing tooth at the root. And that is what the dental implant actually is: a small screw-like component which, when surgically embedded, will do the work of your missing tooth roots. In order to do this, your dental practitioner must cut away the gum and access your jaw bone below it.



How Does A Dental Implant Work?

Once the dental implant has been placed, it needs to integrate with your jaw. Essentially your body integrates the implant, and jaw bone will grow around it to make it very strong and robust enough to withstand biting and chewing when you eat your favourite foods.

But of course, you still have a visible gap when you smile, and you won’t be able to bite down because the dental implant is sitting below your gum line. Two or three months after the dental implant has been placed, your dentist will reopen the surgical site to place the abutment. This is an extension piece that will connect the implant to your dental crown. The dental crown can only be placed a few months later because your gums will need to heal again. Once this has happened your dental practitioner will make a dental crown to match the size, shape and colour of the other teeth in your mouth. After this, no one will know that you were once missing a tooth.


The Benefits Of Dental Implants Over Other Tooth Replacements

Restoring artificial tooth roots is very important for your oral health.

dental implant surgery done coopers plainsWithout tooth roots in place, your jaw bone can start to deteriorate. This affects the strength of your jaw and may also affect the aesthetics of your face.

This is evident when a patient has dentures. Over time, the dentures do not fit as well as originally, as there are changes to the structure of the mouth, because teeth are missing.

Furthermore, when there is a gap caused by missing teeth, the other teeth around start to drift. They actually move around in order to try to close the gap. Over time, this can cause the other teeth to loosen and even fall out. Dental implants address this issue by replacing your missing tooth at the roots.


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