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It’s understandable to wonder ‘do dental fillings hurt’, especially if you have experienced deep tooth decay that has caused pain and sensitivity.

Fortunately, the function of tooth fillings is to sto pain, clean out and fill a cavity and restore your tooth’s full functionality. Let’s take a closer look at the procedure and what you can expect to feel, in terms of pain and sensation.

Many patients visit their dentist because they experience pain from tooth decay. If the decay is very deep or advanced, or has reached the tooth nerve, it can cause pain and discomfort.

Most patients are highly sensitive to this, and have concerns about what they can expect to experience.


Anaesthetic Makes Tooth Fillings More Manageable 

The good news is that your dentist will numb the area in question with anaesthetic before any work is done. The anaesthetic is injected with a needle and, if your gums are sensitive, this can cause a few seconds of discomfort but it will soon pass.

While you can expect to feel some pressure and sensation when your dentist is working in your mouth, you should not feel any pain.

Your dentist will test the area first as well – so if you do need some extra anaesthetic, or to wait longer for the anaesthetic to start working, this will be done before the decayed tooth is cleaned out.

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Sensitivity After Tooth Fillings

Once the anaesthetic has worn off, you can expect the sensation to return to your gums and teeth. You should feel relief from any pain you may have experienced prior to the tooth filling but it may be possible to experience some sensitivity in the area afterwards.

In fact, some patients may report tooth sensitivity for a week or two, which may require some lifestyle modifications, such as eating on the side of your mouth or avoiding very hot and cold beverages. 


When To Call Your Dentist

In the event that you experience persistent pain, discomfort, and sensitivity when biting down, it may be that your dental filling needs to be reshaped to fit the contours of your bite more comfortably. Occasionally, a filling can be built up too high so that it causes discomfort when the two jaws come into contact with one another. If this does happen you should contact your dentist for a follow up and he or she will be able to reshape it to be more comfortable.


Why Tooth Fillings Shouldn’t Be Feared Or Avoided 

There is no alternative to dental fillings and if they are not done, you are likely to experience further tooth decay and possibly even tooth loss and gum disease. Dental fillings are crafted to restore tooth functionality and address pain and discomfort. Furthermore, they are actually quite quick to do and may be completed in as little as 15 to 30 minutes, after which you can be on your way and return to living your life as normal.

Are you concerned about ‘do dental fillings hurt’ to the extent that you are delaying treatment? Please contact us soon as possible to prevent your cavity from getting bigger: (07) 3185 2387.

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